Energy Healing

Get Your Energy Blocks Removed. Improve Your Body’s Energy Flow So You Can Relax, Reduce Pain, Speed Healing, and Reduce Symptoms of Other Illnesses

Energy Healing therapy targets the energy fields around your body by transferring “life force” energy — surrounding all of us — from the practitioner’s palms to you.

  • Get deeper relaxation
  • Assist your body’s natural healing process
  • Improve emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being
  • Help reduce pain
  • Relieve emotional anxiety and stress
  • Rebalance the Chakras
  • Improve sleep
  • Clear the mind
  • Feel more grounded and centered
  • Improve harmony and balance


Intuitive Energy Healing

“Universal Life Force Energy.” The Spiritual healing art of energy healing works by channeling positive energy into your body through the healers hands. Sessions are done hands-on or hands-above. This intelligent energy will flow to the areas of the body that need it the most. This healing technique is based on the principle that the therapist can channel life force energy, or Chi, to activate the body’s natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being.

60-75 min/$125

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Intuitive Energy Healing + Crystal Sound Bowls

During this session, the healer will channel energy and also use Quartz Crystal Sound Bowls that are tuned to the frequencies of the chakras. The tones of the bowls literally vibrate all of the cells, which helps to cleanse and clear them.

60-75 min/$145

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Intuitive Energy Healing + Spiritual Life Coaching

During this session, the client and healer will first talk about what areas of their life they would like guidance on. Then the energy healing portion will occur. After this the client and healer will chat again to see what came up for them, what “a-ha’s” or insights they had during the session, and then will receive some Spiritual Life Coaching.

60-75 min/$200

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Intuitive Energy Healing + Chakra Rebalancing

The focus on this session will be to open up and rebalance the chakras if needed, make sure they are spinning in the right direction, cleanse and clear them, and increase their energy. If sound bowls or crystals are needed for part of the session, we will use them. We will also use a pendulum to check both before and after the session how the chakras are doing.

60-75 min/$175

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Integrative Energy Healing

This session is designed to provide a clear and loving connection between mind, body & soul. We will first consult and identify your areas of concern. We will then use a guided visualization technique called Focusing a body-oriented process of self-awareness and emotional healing that engages the senses to heal the body & mind connection. From there we will begin the energy healing portion that will be intuitively done specific to your needs. These sessions include the use of energy healing, aromatherapy, guided breath-work, sound therapy (tuning forks & crystal sound bowls), and energetic clearing. This promotes the healing of your nervous system which is key to overall health and welling.

75 min/$200

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*All services include a daily offering cup of tea on us!
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A Spectacular Experience (One of A Kind) First: an introduction to the craft. Then we will start with a journey meditation to connect with the fylge (the spirit guide). The singing & drumming in this session will be repetitive so the mind can enter the theta state where a deep meditation can happen & the soul can travel to other realms. Next: Emma sings intuitively over shamanic drumming as she incorporates blessings while the client focuses on their visions for the future. When the singing stops and the drumming continues, the client will again enjoy a deep theta wave state where magic happens. Emma infuses her singing with the power of energy healing and calls on the Nordic gods/archetypes to call in certain elements, and the goal is to bless, elevate and nourish the client's soul, as well as help them manifest desires & visions for the future. Finally: Emma will sing the Song of Manifestation while we all together focus our energy towards manifesting all of our goals.
Energy healing s the pure, positive energy that is within us and around us. Energy healing is a natural, powerful, safe and gentle healing art that helps to bring a balanced state to a person’s Mind, Body and Spirit. Energy healers act as a conduit through which the energy travels through their hands.
Energy healing is widely recommended for lack of energy, stress reduction, pain relief, strengthening of the immune system, improved sleep, better digestion, less anxiety and depression, recovery from surgery, relief from disease-related symptoms, and the side effects of medical treatment.
Energy healing tends to feel warm and relaxing. You may feel warmth or tingles. Some people describe a floating sensation, muscle twitching, a desire to yawn, sigh, cough or clear the throat, some see colors or shapes during the session, some people fall asleep, and some experience emotional release. There is no expected experience – the treatment is unique for each individual who receives it. It’s always for your highest and best good!
During a session, you will lay fully clothed on a massage table or sitting in a char, covered in a blanket if you so choose. Soothing music will be played. The healer will lay their hands gently on you, hold their hands above you, or the session will be done remotely. If a reclined position is uncomfortable, energy healing can be performed while you sit in a chair. If you are at home for a remote session, then you may either sit or lay down.
Just like meditation or movement arts, the effects of energy healing are cumulative. While one session may work wonders, repeated treatments may be beneficial. Regular Reiki sessions support overall well-being in every way.
Energy healing is a complementary methodology that works well alone as well as in concert with other treatments. Healing is often the result of gentle shifts in awareness, release of emotional patterns, achievement of new understanding, and daily practice. Energy healing is not a replacement for traditional medical treatment.
Absolutely not! There is no way to do this wrong. It’s just energy. The body only takes in what it needs. The healer is merely a vessel that allows the energy to flow towards you to do what it needs to do. Think of it as directing a laser beam to the places that need the most attention. Everything is always for your highest and best good out of pure light and love. Energy healing is safe for adults, children, and even animals!
FOY is working to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment for healing. We understand that our schedules do not always allow us the opportunity to come to our healing center. In these instances, YES! The remote sessions are off-the-charts! You will feel the warmth, tingles, have the visualizations, emotional releases, etc. from the comfort of your own home, even if you are thousands of miles away from us. We have many testimonials to prove it! Energy has no barrier of time or space – it flows where it needs to go simply by thought and intention.


*Appointment Cancellation Policy: As we are working to heal many people, FOY Life is kindly asking that should you need to cancel an appointment, please be mindful to give 24-hour notice of your scheduled services in order to avoid a late cancellation fee. By giving us 24-hours notice we are able to work to heal other members of our community during your time slot. Appointments cancelled with less than 24-hours notice are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled service. If you have purchased a rejuvenation plan, and you cancel with less than 24-hours notice, there will be a $40 cancellation fee for missed service . If you cancel more than once for the same appointment, you will forfeit that appointment entirely. Thank you for your understanding and commitment towards healing and investing in yourself.