Invest in your “Fountain of Youth” (FOY) so you can live a healthier, more meaningful and fulfilling life. FOY Life is the ONLY Holistic Healing Center in the Conejo Valley that offers teas, nutritional guidance, herbal remedies and a full range of “Body, Mind and Spiritual” therapies all in one location. We are excited to announce that we are now an out-patient mental health and addiction recovery program and look forward to working together to meet all your healing needs.

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Look no further. When you partner with the FOY Life healing team you get on track quicker and achieve your ideal quality of life faster. Trusted by like-minded, like-kinded wellness seekers of all ages. Join our community. When you thrive, we thrive.

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Let FOY Life connect you with the right Mind, Body, Spiritual therapies and create a balanced life where you can "Invest in You".

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We'll help you design the best path towards optimal well-being; recommend the right-fit holistic therapies and remedies; and help you manage the Health & Wellness journey you've always wanted.

Contact us to discuss your Holistic Health & Wellness assessment – including body, mind, & spiritual – so we can learn your history, needs, and goals. Your assessment is confidential and private.

We’ll recommend the most appropriate Body, Mind, Spiritual Therapies and remedies based on your Health & Wellness needs, budget, and desired outcomes so achieving your personal goals won’t feel so impossible.

The FOY Life team will monitor your progress and stay with you throughout your entire Wellness journey so you can skyrocket to optimal Health & Wellness faster — and stay there forever.

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  • "With the combination of medicinal teas and the newest alternative healing therapies, you will improve your life."

    Mark C, Agoura Hills, CA

  • "FOY Life's expertise, education, and guidance will help get your body, mind, and spirit back in balance. Your experience with alternative healing will be life changing!"

    Nancy P, La Quinta, CA

  • "Following FOY Life's Medicinal Tea recommendations, you will be able to reduce your depression, stress and anxiety in no time."

    Jeff A, Thousand Oaks, CA

  • "What is better than being able to drive to just ONE location where you can get all your healing requirements met. FOY Life will make your life so much easier."

    Robyn B, Westlake Village, CA

  • "FOY Life is the only health center -- ever -- where you will be recognized by name, remembered, and valued with every visit. You will no longer just be a body known only by your digital ID. You will feel like you belong to the entire FOY Life family and that your well-being matters. What a difference FOY Life will make in your life!"

    Kate M, Encino, CA

  • "The Healing Sanctuary" rooms are cleaner and nicer than the rooms at other competitive locations."

    Yale F, Calabasas, CA

  • "You must experience a Sound Bath. I never sleep better than I do after I attend on. This is a truly special healing."

    Doug B, Agoura Hills, CA


Heart Chakra Healing 💚 #foylife ...

Healing is a whole body experience and commitment. What we consume physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Feed your body well. #foylife ...

Eternal wisdom and the deep questions with ✨ What are the limitations to your soul? How do I learn without creating more karma? #foylife ...

Which of these affirmations is your favorite? #foylife #affirmations ...

Happy Friday! Wind down the week with your favorite cup of tea ☕️ what is your go to summer tea? #foylife #tea #teatime #friday ...

Healer Highlight ~ Lisa was one of the first holistic practitioners to join our team. Lisa found energy healing helped her during a stressful time in her life. She became an energy practitioner to help guide others into finding their own calm, and inner peace. In addition to the services she brings to FOY, Lisa is also a hair dresser, belly dance and restorative yoga instructor! Thanks for dedicating your passion and love to FOY and our clients! #foylife ...

Happy Tea Tuesday! Join us for a simple cup of EARL GREY tea! Did you know the unique aroma and flavor comes from infusion of bergamot and citrus oil? Join Melissa & Jeremy for a chat about the benefit our IOP program has had for aiding and sustaining his recovery. #foylife #recoveryispossible #community #support #addictionsupport ...

Fun Tea Fact: Did you know that all teas whether they are black, green, oolong, pu-erh all come from the same plant? The Camellia Sinensis plant or tea plant is the source of all the tea you drink, the difference is in how the leaves are harvested and processed. What is your favorite type of tea? #tea #tealover #teabar #agourahills #foylife ...

Starting at the beginning. Reintroducing Tea #1 on our shelf! We find this tea is often overlooked, but it is worth giving this beautiful blend a try! An organic black tea infused with jasmine, cardamom and citrus essences. It’s sweet and full, with a nice hit of energy! Wake up with a cup of CALIFORNIA PERSIAN tea ☕️ #tea #teatime #blacktea #foylife #organictea #tealover ...

Our beautiful tea bar 🍵 Every tea on our shelves was hand picked and taste tested by our team! #foylife #teabar ...

What are you #grateful #thankful & #blessed for? #foylife ...

First FOY Company Picnic! Wouldn’t be possible without these three! Deanna, Jeff & Shannon! #foylife #foyfam #companypicnic ...

Matcha!!! The health benefits are endless.
-High in Antioxidants
-Protect the Liver
-Boost brain function
-Cancer Preventative
-Promote Heart Health
-Weight Loss
-Sustainable Energy
-Healthy alternative to coffee
Are you a matcha lover? What’s your favorite way to drink it? #foylife #matcha

So much magic and healing has happened on the other side of that door. What is your favorite FOY memory or healing moment? #foylife ...

We love flowers at FOY #foylife ...