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Originally published in Conejo Valley Lifestyle Magazine

June 2020

FOY Life was inspired by need and created from a desire for change by owners Deanna Farnell and Jeff McGinley, who both have stories, like most of us, that are filled with struggles, hardship and sorrows that have eventually led to success and finally, enlightenment.<p/r>

“During our own struggles, there was no place like FOY, where we could go and be a part of a community that didn’t know us, but welcomed us into a space with open arms—a space that could be used to heal in any way we needed,” says Deanna, who founded FOY Life with her partner and fiancé, Jeff.

The Agoura Hills holistic healing center offers teas, nutritional guidance, herbal remedies and a full range of body, mind and spiritual therapies all in one location.

“From the outside, people walk by and don’t seem to understand what we offer,” says Deanna. “Others come in and think we are a ‘spa’ because we offer massages and facials. Some only see the tea bar and lounge and have no idea there is 2,500 sq ft of rooms behind the door to the Healing Sanctuary.”

Offering an array of holistic therapies, the team at FOY Life helps individuals design a wellness program tailored to address their specific needs. By bringing the most effective healing options and educational opportunities together in one convenient place, FOY Life provides a space for comprehensive coordinated care in a community of healers who work together to focus on every client’s specific needs.

“We’ll help you design the best path toward optimal well-being, recommend the right-fit holistic therapies and remedies and help you manage the Health and Wellness journey you’ve always wanted,” says Deanna, adding, “The FOY Life team will monitor your progress and stay with you throughout your entire wellness journey so you can skyrocket to optimal health and wellness faster and stay there forever.”

In addition to the Yoga studio that doubles as a Meditation Sanctuary, FOY Life offers therapies that are new and unique to many, such as sound baths and energy healing.

“When customers are asked if they have ever experienced a sound bath, most respond with ‘What is a sound bath?’” laughs Deanna. “Energy Healing is the most unknown, unsung therapy that if I had to give my healing an order of ranking by service (including both Western and Eastern), Energy Healing would be at the top of the list.”

Currently closed due to CV-19 requirements, FOY Life’s studio has a very warm feeling and the space is meant to be used for gatherings and healings of all kinds. The entire space is available to rent to transform it into “anything you can dream it to be,” adds Deanna.

“We aren’t like anything else you have ever experienced in the Conejo Valley, so why not take a chance and stop by and see us?” encourages Deanna. “Up until the COVID-19 outbreak, you would have been greeted with a hug. Now you will be greeted with a warm smile as you enter your personal space to heal and celebrate all that you are!”

FOY Life is currently offering Sound Baths/Energy Healing and a Spiritual Guidance series during the quarantine, and they can also prepare care packages for those that would like to order. Teas are available online at

Follow them on IG or call 805.217.9500 to schedule a personal, confidential holistic health and wellness assessment. Visit FOY Life at 30125 Agoura Road, Suite E in Agoura Hills or learn more at